Lucky patcher

Lucky patcher full version

Let us first understand what is lucky patcher and functions does it perform,for what is it used,what are its features and how can it be used.

Lucky patcher is an android tool that lets you remove advertisements,install applications from the third party source ,modify permissions that are not authorized and perform the backup procedure and lets us install paid apps for free.


Lucky patcher 6.4.2 apk download

How to install lucky patcher

You can install lucky patcher from the given link ,as it provides some great features that should be used by all,for enjoying add free applications.

1. Descarregar Lucky Patcher Apk

apk from the by tapping on the name.

2.if unauthorized access is displayed then go to your settings and change the settings that are needed. install the application,now enjoy using it.

How does Lucky patcher work?

 Lucky patcher replaces the actual code with altered and in some scenario it even removes completely genuine code to get the needed features. So that you can apply patch to delete License verification, it removes the part of the code that is written to check License from the app. it is available on



  • Remove annoying advertisements from applications.
  • Bypass license verification of apps.
  • Alteration in apps permissions.
  • Take a backup of your apps and games downloaded from play store. Or you can also backup after modifying any apps.
  • Various tools are being present.
  • Different colors are there to identify different patches
  • Device must be rooted.

    To understand in brief

    ·  Custom patch are generated manually for each app and game.

    ·  Bypassing License verification process is same for all cases but works only on 50% of cases, we cannot answer you why.

    ·  removing ads actually works perfectly and is one of Lucky patcher feature that doesn’t depend on Luck.

    ·   Hacking in app purchase works only for non server-sided in app purchases. Server-sided in app purchases are governed by the server of the game, so you have to be able to hack the game server to get free in app purchases which is not possible for any of the hacking tool.